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Default Trading

Have been reading some of the posts on the subject of trading and wait times and in certain respects am completely lost. If you go in a store and purchase from a catalog, you are going to ask certain questions and if not satisfied you are not going to buy. Why isn't the same done here. If some one has a item I would like to trade for I tell them I'm interested and give a list of what I have in exchange. If they respond in kind it means they are interested. First positive step. Now I ask,"How many disks, is it the full run and what is the quality" I hate sets or series with no menu's or commercials and will not trade for them, that's my hangup. If we get past that step and they tell me what they want and that's acceptable, I then state" I can mail to you on friday, when you be able to send." I now have a date agreed upon and a deal is made. The day I send I email the party and say " xyz is on the way, enjoy, Harvey"

If a person tells me one thing and does another, well I never deal with them again, I'm not going to get ulcers and cry over it.

As far as sleeves, I like Jennifer use paper sleeves take from copy machine paper. Have received hundreds of dvds from Jen and there has not been one bad disk. Do use a bubble wrap envelope.

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