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Originally Posted by Brieannas21
Really? I don't get GMC, what is it in 227 or Amen that they would cut out?

Dialogue or scenes that may seem too risque for church/spiritual purposes. As a strong christian, I undertand where they are coming from but it trips me up when I'm expecting a scene and its been cut.

There was an episode of "Amen" from season four where the Rev's ex-fiancee attempts to seduce him in his apartment. The part where she throws her clothes out the window is cut and much of the scene is cut is when she is being suggestive. That episode ends earlier than usual due to severe edits. The closing credits are also rushed.

Arnetia Walker who played the actress also appeared in 227 a few months later. When she is trying to seduce Lester, she gives him a picture of her in a bikini "for his fantasy". That tag was cut.

In the ep where Ernest is a judge, the convict's girlfriend go to the house and holds him up with a gun. That scene is cut. She enters the home and GMC version fades to black with no shot of her pulling out the gun. Rolly and Ernest's reference to caling the convict's girlfriend "butt ugly" is also cut out. The gun really isn't seen until the end of the scene.

Any swear words that are used are muted or the dialogue is just cut. When Sandra was trying to get a part in the movie that was shooting in the neighbor hoood, her "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a d**n", that was removed. It disrupts the flow of the dialogue/scenes that one may be familiar with however, I understand why they do it.

So, there you have it. 227 isn't as bad but Amen's edits/cuts are REALLY messed up.
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