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Originally Posted by Colonel Hogan
These episodes will be edited with replacement music with missing scenes. I'll bet a year's pay on that.

Happy Days has been missing original music since the Season 2 release. There were edited episodes and missing music on Season 3 as well as Season 4. Three of the episodes on the Season 3 set were butchered: The one with Stick's introduction(missing roughly 3:30 minutes, the episode introducing Laverne and Shirley, and the 2nd Anniversary Show. There are other edits as well. I taped the Stick's episode and the Laverne and Shirley intro episode off The Hub in November and compared them to the Happy Days DVD set. The Hub episodes had scenes missing from the DVDs!! Sad.

On the upcoming Season 5 set, you have the Valentine's Day show that was all music and the two Leather Tuscadero episodes with all the Suzie Quattro music, then all the cover songs by Richie, Potsie, and Ralph. I can't say it will all be missing, but you can bet a high percentage will be gone.

Often, CBS will not go to the trouble of replacement music, they'll just delete a scene or part of a scene. Look at the Laverne and Shirley release with the section just chopped out with The Beatles song. Instead of muting the song or replacing it, they just chopped part of the scene.

The Joanie Loves Chachi set has edited episodes. The 24:xx minute run times prove that as does the list of missing music already published.

The Andy Griffith Show is a good example. It has more than one edited episode but the known butchered episode, The Darlings are Coming, is missing over 3 minutes on the DVD. The saddest part is, and this shows you how little CBS researches a song before dropping it, that two of the songs they deleted were both songs already in the public domain. They were covers of two public domain songs performed by the Dillard's, playing The Darlings, in the episodes. In their capacity as actors, they sang two public domain songs, and CBS still dropped them.

As a rule of thumb, television shows from the 60's to at least the mid-80's should be around 25:30 each episode. Some 50's shows ran closer to 26 minutes. If you see episodes from that era with run times of under 25:17 minutes, it's a sound bet that you've got an edited episode. Run times of 24:xx are a dead giveaway. Networks sold a finite number of minutes to advertisers for each episode. That's why on DVD releases of series we know to be uncut, the run times are so consistent, with each episode running 25:17-25:32.

Again if HD5 IS missing all of the music then CBS has two choices either stop making the dvd sets or allow either shout Factory or Milles Creek to licences the dvds for them like they did with Webster because if you want something done you have to do it yourself and CBS will be pissing off a whole lot of fans
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