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Originally Posted by vitoscotti View Post
Started watching from the 1st episode. Up to middle 3rd season. I have quite a few rated 4*, but my only 3* episode so far is S2 E36 "Forgotten Party". Poorly written. Makes no sense. Zero logic. Party giver mother, and her loopy son are horrendously bad.
In the real world if a kid had come in looking like Beaver looked and had forgotten a party (I could see both happening with a kid like Beaver), a normal parent probably would have apologized and said Beaver couldn't make it to the party.

I've always said no Beaver episode is unwatchable but the episode with Puddin/Mary Jane comes closest for me--no parent in their right mind would leave those two in charge of a smaller kid. Beaver the Bunny is second, but as I've said in another thread, Lumpy's one-liners when Beaver comes down the stairs in his bunny suit save the episode.

As far as the Pipe goes I agree a kid shouldn't smoke, but they do try it. Maybe not as young as Beaver and Larry, though.

Edit: I just looked back and Scrabjan mentioned Chuckie's New Shoes. That one's pretty bad, too.
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