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Originally Posted by RobinW
I can't be certain if Kurt drank the entire bottle of Everclear before he went to the party or if he brought it with him or if he drank any other alcohol while he was there. But Everclear is so potent that it's currently banned in 15 states, including Ohio, and if a small inexperienced drinker like Kurt was trying it for the first time, it might not have turned out well. Whatever happened, it seems unlikely it killed him instantly.
True. Him being in a coma from Everclear/whatever else makes sense, if you think about the slept-in cot in the basement. It seems like after drinking, he slipped into a coma, and they tried to nurse him back to health to no avail in that cot in the basement. Maybe that's why he was missing for days. They tried to see if he would wake up, but when he didn't, he was thrown in the ravine.
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