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Originally Posted by RobinW
I mention this in the podcast, but one aspect of Samuel's story which has never rang true to me is him going inside to grab Kurt's jacket. When the Sovas visited the duplex days later, they found Kurt's jacket there, but why wouldn't Samuel take the jacket with him when he left?
Agreed about Samuel, though I think his whole story is a lie. I'm sure he went there with Kurt but that was it. Kurt was able to disappear in the midst of the night while completely intoxicated, while he spent 10 seconds getting his jacket? How? He couldn't even stand up when he took him outside, but he could make a dash for it? Lies.

People tend to overthink this case. Kurt drunk/smoked too much, overdosed or lapsed into a coma, everyone at the party made up a story together, then threw him in the ravine.

His buddy Sammy is obviously lying.
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