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So I've been discussing this case on Reddit today and a few people have shared some personal experiences about Everclear. I found these quotes pretty interesting and they might shed some light on Kurt's exact cause of death...

"We used to have everclear parties in high school. My husbands friend gave himself alcohol poisoning and 'slept it off' in an RV behind my in law's house for almost three days. He was basically in a coma but no one knew he was in there. After about two and a half days, friend wakes up,crawls out of rv, pisses copious amounts of bloody urine and passes back out. Mother in law comes home and finds him, calls parents who take him home to sleep more."

"This got me thinking. Years ago I was in a coma in the woods alone for 3 days before I was found. During my time out there, I developed a condition called Rhabdomyolysis. It's a condition where skeletal muscle starts to break down rapidly. It can cause brown or reddish urine. It can cause acute kidney failure. Two of the causes of rhabdo are excess alcohol consumption and prolonged immobility.

This is just a thought, and maybe I'm way off. But an alcohol induced coma coupled with a few days of not moving could trigger rhabdo, and acute kidney failure could be cause of death.

During the autopsy, would they look for rhabdo or kidney failure in a case like this? Also, this took place in the 80's and I have no idea how sophisticated their testing was back then."
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