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Originally Posted by BlueGalexy
I've been following the Faria case for a couple of years now and thought it might be interesting to see if some of my fellow posters had any input. Dateline did a great profile of this case entitled The House on Sumac Drive.

On December 27, 2011 Betsy Faria, a woman who was reportedly dying of cancer, was stabbed to death in the home she shared with her husband, Russ. During the subsequent investigation, Russ Faria became the prime suspect and was eventually charged with the murder of his wife. At the crime scene, LE found a pair of slippers belonging to Russ Faria that were reported to be stained by his wife's blood. LE also extensively interviewed the last person to see Betsy Faria alive, her long time friend, Pamela Hupp. During these interviews, Hupp made several disparaging statements about Russ Faria that apparently further convinced LE of his guilt.

On the night of the murder, Russ Faria was able to account for his whereabouts by producing four alibi witnesses (all of whom testified at trial), and cell phone records tracking his movements. Faria was also able to provide time stamped receipts from the gas station and fast food restaurant he visited that night. These receipts were also corroborated by surveillance footage. It was also discovered during the investigation that approximately three days prior to her murder, Betsy Faria made Pam Hupp a sole beneficiary to one of her life insurance policies, totalling $150,000. These documents were allegedly signed by the two women at a local library, and notarized by the librarian on shift. Though Faria's defense attorney wanted to present these facts to the jury at trial, he was prohibited from doing so by the judge. The judge also prohibited the defense from cross examining Hupp about these facts during the trial. Russ Faria was convicted of the murder (wrongly in my opinion) but has been granted a retrial on appeal.

Below is a link to a thoroughly written article about the case. I welcome any thoughts from my fellow posters about this intriguing case.
"Why would she do this to me?" is the Freudian slip which refers not to any curiosity as to his wife's actions that evening but the fait accompli of being dispossessed of an insurance policy. The feigned emotion,the staging of the surveillance cameras and the subsequent protestations of love for the victim as the actor plays his part symptomatic of many killers because you see,once perpetrators have taken their rage out on the victim it subsequently becomes extinguished,and as with the Jeremy Bamber and David Bain cases the mind reverts to happier memories lest the mask of sanity slips and the shocking truth is unveiled.
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