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This discussion about the segment possibly being on Lifetime is interesting.

I first heard of the Calico/Henley case in the late 80s through A Current Affair and America's Most Wanted. I honestly was unaware that it was covered on UM until the early 2000s when I received a recording of the 9/20/89 NBC airing of the episode via a trade. I then passed that recording on to Crystaldawn.

If the Calico/Henley story was shown on Lifetime, I can confirm that it was NOT shown in part of the episode it originally was packaged with on NBC. The old Lifetime version of 9/20/89 (with Stack, pre-Farina) substituted the lengthy Sheldon Weinberg update in place of the Calico/Henley story.

That being said, I do remember a couple folks mentioning on the forum over the years that they saw the Calico/Henley story during the half hour 1am installments that used to air on Lifetime back in the 90s. Unfortunately, I don't recall seeing it.

However, I can also confirm that the half hour installments that aired at 1am some times did contain stories that were not shown during the 8pm hour long installments. I accidentally stumbled upon the Keith Reinhard story this way one night when I was recording a movie on Lifetime, fell asleep during the recording without shutting off the VCR and the tape kept rolling. The tape finally ran out just split seconds after the completion of the Keith Reinhard story.
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