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I think if perhaps one investigated the autopsy report, they would find that Boy had a 1 1/2 inch laceration to the top vertex of the skull with a surrounding approximate 2 inch bruise. There were adult maggots in the laceration but merely larvae eggs in the entrance and exit wounds respectively. (Which was your older wound?) I personally think he walked upon a Dixie mafia drug delivery and was chased........then hit over the head from behind causing the laceration (dead people don't bruise). The rest was staged. The staging would account for the heavy blood coagulation underneath his head in retrospect to blood spatters in the surrounding areas as would normally be present in a suicide or accident. I think the device could have possibly been from someone playing with model planes at one time (mere speculation......the device was unidentified as to its purpose) It would be more interesting to learn if perhaps they're were small bon fires in that area..........................perhaps in if to signal small aircraft after dark.
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