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In some low income communities most people just stay out of other peoples business. So the neighbors not calling CPS doesn't really mean anything to me other then they might have thought it wasn't there place to call.

I'm really half and half on this. A part of me thinks that oh hell yeah the mother absolutely knows what happened to her daughter because she sold her to someone.

The other part of me thinks it was more or less a crime of opportunity, someone who was in the neighborhood/close to the family or someone who frequent the bar the mother went too and knew that the children were alone and then took a chance one night.

I just, you know get this feeling that the mother wasn't at home when it occurred and returned home to find her daughter missing. She could have easily sent the babysitter home and went back out. Honestly I don't feel bad for the mother at all, she may have in her own way loved her children but her actions kinda paint a picture of neglect and drug and alcohol problems.
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