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Originally Posted by wonderwall
Did anybody else watch last night's Disappeared episode featuring Amy? I thought it was pretty well done. It gave some information that (I think) UM didn't mention. First, it went into Amy's backstory and how she and Steve met, her actions that day, and the suspicion of Steve. One interesting thing that was mentioned was after a race held to raise money for the search for Amy, Steve did not speak to her family. I don't know if it was out of guilt or possibly anger that the family suspected him, but I find it odd. Unfortunately, steve was not interviewed, but they did note that he has begun to be more cooperative and is now speaking with law enforcement.
After that, the show went into how a tip was given that Amy was hit by a car being driven by Arapahoe natives, and they buried her body in a shallow grave on nearby reservation land. They were given permission to search the area of reservation land and the car that was named, but it did not yield anything. However, I am quite eager to know about this tip, does anybody have any information? I wonder how much reservation land they were able to search?
Last, the went into the Dale Eaton angle and mentioned that there is a possibility that Eaton could have something to do with her diappearence since her knew the area and could have been there, but he is not cooperating with law enforcement. I wish this was also elaborated more on, but I don't think they have much information since he refuses to talk.
Overall, it was a good episode! If you're interested in this case, i think it is worth watching. It should be repeated this week. The title is Missing in the Mountains if it ever becomes available on the forbidden site.
That's a good post wonderwall. The programme you mention is not yet available on the other site to my knowledge. However there are other videos of Steve on there and if you look at his body language he appears shifty and looks to my mind as if he is concealing something whatever the subject he is discussing.

If you check #9 you will see a post there from shek,Lisa Kimmell's mother,who does discuss the possibility of Dale Eaton in Amy's murder,and it would be foolish to rule this man out in her disappearance.
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