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Something that really upset me about this case besides all the injustice surrounding it is how the cop who UM interviewed said that "there was no way" that the bullet Norman's dad found could have been the one that killed him.

Its like, ****. They're not even trying to hide the fact that they're lazily covering it up. So what, the Ladners found a bullet right where Norman was found dead (and a bloody bullet at that), among his brain fragments and skull tissue, and you literally want me to believe that it wasn't the bullet that killed him?

And frankly, I think its just about impossible for someone to inflict a bullet in the back of their own head with a rifle as big as Ladner's hunting one.

The fact that his driver's license ended up in NY further supports the murder and conspiracy theory. It makes perfect sense really. NY is a haven for drug traffickers and mafia members.
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