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Originally Posted by cocytus

2) The bruising does look suspicious. If Mrs. Bechtel was as guarded as they portrayed it being in the segment, it seems that this may not have been a solitary incident. Maybe the friends aren't as solidly behind the husband as it would seem.

3) Maybe she just wanted the "mystery" of an unexplained disappearance. Maybe she was angry at her husband for being controlling. Maybe the pressures of a new life and a new home were too much. People do strange things for reasons that even they don't understand and can't completely explain.

The police seemed to be certain (or bluffing) when they allegedly accused the husband of having killed her. Yet they have presented no evidence, besides her disappearance, that she's actually deceased.

5) Even if the road was wide and straight, it was in a rural area that was sparsely inhabited, if it was inhabited at all. While there's no reason to usually expect to be abducted, there is every reason to expect an injury or an accident. Those are both very common and both would require the same or similar levels of assistance that an abduction would.

By not having a means of communication and not leaving a clear cut plan, it likely made it unclear where Mrs. Bechtel would be and she obviously didn't have any means to communicate in case of an emergency. You really have to wonder is she actually did have a plan in case of an accident or an emergency.

I'm not blaming the victim, but to figure what may have happened you really have to look at all aspects of the event. Most women that jog in rural areas alone have nothing happen to them. The few that do have something usually survive the event no worse for wear.

When you have an event like this, IMHO, you have look at the entire episode to see where the variations between a normal outing and something like this would be. That may seem like "victim blaming" to some...but it's mostly trying to determine what really happened.
To clarify some things, Amy's brother was the one who noted the bruising on her arm. The other couple interviewed (Steve and Amy's neighbors/friends) never implicated Steve, and seemed to conclude that since he spent most of the day with them he simply wouldn't have had the time to do harm to Amy. As to Amy voluntarily leaving, I don't buy it. Her car was found on the road where she told people she was going. Highly unlikely that she would let all these people know where she was to simply park her car and walk away. Not to mention the fact that I'm sure it wouldn't take that much investigative work to determine whether or not she was putting money aside to start a new life (much like the Dottie Caylor case), nor has there been any activity on her credit cards. And if she did leave voluntarily, how exactly did she get out of the area without her car? She didn't take any clothes (that we know of), and everything she did that day indicated she would be returning home.

I will agree that an accidental hunting accident could be very likely, if there was hunting going on in the area. I don't agree with the animal attack theory, because it seems likely that her body would have been found. I don't know much about Dale Eaton to formulate an opinion on his involvement, but I wouldn't rule it out either.
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