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Well, I will say, if you want to blame anyone for them being turned into 'folk heroes' blame the media and also blame the cops who love to seek attention for these cases despite full well knowing it will also bring a lot of attention to the person they arrested. Yes I do know that newspaper, radio, tv, internet do have an obligation to report basic details and basic facts. But when they plaster these guys faces all over the newspapers with big pictures and big letter headlines or when they plaster their faces all over the television, yeah I would think it would glorify the prisoner and the prisoner is not even the one making them do it.

The reason I am textbook about the whole thing, is quite simple. It is because I am not a victim, I don't like thinking of myself as the victim of anything really. I was not victimized by any of these people nor do I know anyone who was. I do not blame people that were for being sickened by it or being mad about it. It is just something I do not get sickened or mad over. I feel like my emotional energy is better wasted on something than else than being ticked off because some guy I don't know, don't write, that really doesn't have any relevance to me other than me knowing who he is, receives letters from certain people who may be disturbed.

Clearly someone that worships or at least acts like they worship say Richard Ramirez or Charles Manson or people of this nature, yeah, let's say might be missing a few dots on their dominoes. It is very obvious that is the case if someone worships a person like Ramirez or Manson and it is sad and pathetic. But it is their lives and if their lives are that lacking to where they need to glorify such people, that is their choice to make.

Sure, we all know what pain victims go through. I am not speaking from experience or claiming to truly know what they go through but I imagine it would be the worst feeling and the worst experience and the worst time of anyone's life and in particular with murder or other violent crime, I am sure that feeling never goes away.

But I think folks need to remember, that defense attorneys are not the bad guys. I think there is a tendency in our society, especially these days to view defense attorney's as the bad guys and to view prosecutors and cops as the 'heroes' when truth be told, most prosecutors and most cops are just like most defense attorney's, it is not about doing justice or doing right, it is about winning cases. A lot of these prosecutors and cops really don't give a crap about the victims or their families anymore than the defense attorney does, the only difference is the defense attorney gets tarred and feathered for doing their job because they are 'not doing justice' yet the prosecutors and cops get rewarded even if they break their own laws in order to win or do other shady things. I guess that it is why it is hard for me to really have a whole lot of respect for either cops or prosecutors as a group as so many think of them as 'the good guys' and it just isn't true.
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