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I managed to get the book and I'm almost finished reading it. It's quite an interesting book. Here are some of my observations.

1. I really do think the EAR thrived during a time when the technology didn't connect communities. The nut job went from attacking people from Sacramento to Danville to So-Cal. People probably didn't know this guy was on the loose in distant communities. I'm sure if he tried to pull the things he was doing today, he'd likely be caught.

2. It intrigues me that the guy always managed to strike homes with either a woman alone or a couple. Never did he enter a home with just a male. One would infer that he was constantly looking into homes trying to see if there was a female present. I wonder if more people noticed this guy looking into their houses.

3. I think Corky mentioned this but it's been said that the EAR would start to talk about his mom during the times he was ransacking homes. He'd start saying "Mommy, please, I don't want to do it" and weird stuff like that. Also, he told one of the victims that people made fun of him and that something happened to his face. Either way, the EAR struck me as someone who had a massive chip on his shoulder. It makes me think that he'd have a hard time just blending into society.

Edit 4. I find it interesting how the EAR became more violent as the years went by. The murders he committed in Southern California were quite violent. Why did he stop? One might assume he would have continued his rampage since he was more violent by then.

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