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Originally Posted by Dionysus
The poster who stated that he/she was a friend to Anthonette and that there was a party the night she disappeared sheds a bit more light on things, though. Maybe the party ran late and that’s why the girls were still up. They assumed the door knocker was a partier/family member who had possibly forgotten something at their house and this eliminated some of their fear. Why didn’t UM mention the party, though? What reason would there be to leave that detail out? This may seem "out there", but Penny may have gotten hammered at the party and that explains her “dead to the world” slumber that night!
I took it to mean that there was a neighborhood party somewhere else in the neighborhood, not at the Cayedito residence. If it was at the Cayedito's, maybe the perpetrator(s) were at the party and purposely tried to get Penny drunk enough or slipped her some type of pill so that she wouldn't answer the door late at night and they could grab Anthonette. However, I don't think the party was at their house because if so, UM definitely would have mentioned it or at least put out a plea to the party goers that night to see if they remembered a guest that drove a similar vehicle at the kidnappers or even remembered any type of suspicious activity.
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