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These are all very interesting posts and theories. I haven't read through all the pages yet, but I want to go back and read what others have said. The Anthonette Cayedito case was one of my favorite Unsolved Mysteries cases. These are some thoughts I had:
Why would the girls be up so late the night she was kidnapped? Where was the mother at 3 AM when the kidnapper knocked on the door? THat never made sense to me. IN fact, I remember when I first saw the case on TV, I was in elementary school and my mother used it as a lesson to scare me. ("YOu SEE? THat's why you NEVER open the door to anyone!")
ALso, what happened to Anthonette's mom and sisters? I think her sisters would be in their late 20's/early 30's today? Then again, I have not read the other pages in this thread, soI am not sure if other updates were posted.
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