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Some interesting takes. A common theme amongst many cases profiled on UM was the failure of LE - indeed, I think many rural LE agencies lack the ability to properly investigate and handle crimes such as murder and abduction, leading to many solvable mysteries being UM...
This case was investigated by the local FBI since it was an abduction. Reservations have a local FBI agent available that investigates any criminal cases. The reservation police had a resouce that very few small towns had, they're own FBI office!!

Again, this is an abduction, not a murder case. These cases should get as much attention as an abduction in a large city.

Keep in mind that many states have a state burea of investigations that assists small rural communities. These investigators usually competent since a lot of them used to work for large city police departments.

To be honest, there's really no basic rule when it comes to investigations in large or small cities Sometimes, small rural investigators are better since they only have one or two cases and can focus on cases more. A large city homicide unit, has to clear cases in 48 hrs and move on to the next investigation.
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