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Approximately a week after this abduction occured, the mother acquired a brand new vehicle that was well beyond her income capabilities. If my child was abducted, having a new ride would be the last thing on my mind.

She could have planned to buy the car long before the abduction. You also are forgetting that she has another child that she may need to carry along.
Even though her child is abducted she still has to go through everyday activities. There plenty of ways to purchase vehicles under a low income.

Taking that into mind, the mother and the other party conspired the kidnapping to make her disappearance more legit. Its a huge possibilty she made sure her daughter was awake enough to hear the knock on the door and knowing she would answer it had she believed it was her uncle. And while this event happened, the mother kept quiet in the room but didnt anticipate that Wendy (the sister) witnessed this situation (if she even did to begin with). I say this only because I knew Wendy as a child and she was no angel, not even close. She was in constant trouble, a well known liar, and a bully. There's a possibility that her behavior was the result of years of instilled fear from her mother in regards to 'witnessing' this kidnapping.
That's waaaay too complex a plan. There is also no way to verify your claims about Wendy.

If the mother is involved, that would explain the daughter's reluctance to runaway and seek help, knowing that her mother is the one involved with her departure. The phone call a year later could also be a ploy to keep up with the story of kidnapping and keep the mother clear. If you take Lori Hacking's husband as an example, he was involved with the search for his own wife and in the end, he was the one who killed her. He even went on national television pleading for her return. If this happened recently, what makes you think it didn't go on back then when she was kidnapped?
Huh? why would she call the police that she was abducted in the first place?

There are so much easier ways to make money, than this bizarre plot you mentioned.

Also, the mother's behavior after this abduction wasn't 'normal' for someone who was grieving. I don't remember details but it was along the lines that she had a carefree attitude as if she knew her daughter was ok. A theory that wasn't really emphasized due to the limited resources of people to interview, was that the mother arranged for her daughter to be 'married' off (illegally of course) in exchange for money (and how she got her vehicle).
I don't know if there is a "normal" response for child abductions.

Limitationed Resources? The FBI was involved. It was a childhood abduction. On an Indian reservation. The FBI agent could get a full squad on the case if he wanted too.

In childhood abductions, the parents are always a prime suspect. I'm pretty sure she was looked at thoroughly.

mother arranged for her daughter to be 'married' off (illegally of course) in exchange for money (and how she got her vehicle).
Considering this would have happened on an Indian Reservation or even in Mexico, legality could be a grey area. Does age of consent laws go for Reservations?
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