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Well Suzanne, Tammy and you and your family are in my prayers and everyone's here. We all hope she is found and hopefully alive but if not so your family can at least give her the proper burial. It is just so sad what happened. I was actually down in Cocoa Beach in January, I had forgot that Tammy was from there until I checked this, I hadnt watched the Um segment on her for several weeks before I went down there. I will have to look things up again to see where exactly in Cocoa Beach she disappeared from. IT really could have been anyone that is responsible for what happened as tons of people go through Cocoa Beach. I also do not think that Tammy had a mental disorder, at least not from what I have seen. No doubt she was afraid, but I think too many people assume that it was just paranoid dilusions or bi polar and I honestly think she was stressed out of her mind because she had a legimate fear because someone was threatening her, who that was is unclear. Clearly she was scared.
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