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Tammy did not have mental disorders and they released her from the mental home.there was a lead about a year ago someone threatened to kill.I think this person did.I am still trying to find out why she threatened to tell on this person and for what?I do know this person threatened to kill her.I will not name names.I do not have any money but If there are any psychics or free detectives to look into tammy that feel they might know what happened to tammy or anyone thinks they might know what happened to her please email me at
I have a sister who came up missing on July 6th 1983 from Cocoa Beach Florida.her name is Tammy Lynn is her pictures if it will help ok?I have been looking for a long time for her.

I am also checking for her as an unidentified Jane Doe or skeletal remains found over the years.Please contact me if you know something.Please work with me.Please help me find her.I care very much of what became of her.I have been looking for her myself for a long time.I just want to know something.Is she alive or dead.I just want to know.
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