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Originally Posted by wiseguy182
I always thought it was a bit convenient for the supposed kidnappers to happen upon Tammy, as they would have had absolutely no idea that she would have been dropped off in town as she had basically been a shut-in for several months up to that point. Plus, the party I believe was an out-of-town party, so the alleged kidnappers would have had to travel a significant distance, then magically find Tammy downtown on the one day she's out. This seems unlikely.
If Tammy did witness something having to do with drug dealing and money laundering, it's a complete possibility that they wouldn't have had to travel that far. She could have seen something that a lot of banks and high profile people in Florida knew about. The people who wanted her to keep quiet could have been keeping an eye on her, she noticed them after getting out of the car, and they decided to make sure she wouldn't talk.
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