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An abortion gone wrong could explain her disappearance..........but her behavior seemed too incredibly bizzare to lay on that alone.

The more I think about it, the more I think this case has some eerie parallels to that of Rhonda Hinson.

It was mentioned that Tammy went to an out of town gathering with other actors/actresses/movie industry people, then came back changed......

I think she was either raped/sexually assaulted at that gathering, which could possibly explain some of her mood swings.......and then was kidnapped to prevent her from blowing the whistle. She could've also been threatened first...then kidnapped later.


She discovered/witnessed/became aware of something shady, shady enough to put her life in danger. Subsequently she could've been threatened, either once or repeatedly......the threats causing psychological damage which would account for her changed mood. Later on, the person or persons behind this could've changed their mind and had her kidnapped.....or she could've simply dove off the deep end.
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