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Originally Posted by Quantum Knight
I had this freaky dream last night with people I don't even know. It was like I dreamt up a horror movie.

This little girl lived with her brother and parents and her parents always fought and were basically jerks. These people ended up finding out they had a ghost in their house and were all scared at first, but eventually the little girl kinda befriended the ghost and the ghost ended up killing her parents for her. Then for years anytime the girl had an enemy or someone she didnt like she got the ghost to kill them for her, and her big brother, who was the ONLY one that really loved her and looked out for her didnt like it but wanted to protect his sister and when he tried to talk her out of it she ended up having him killed too.

It was really sad.
Wow, that's kinda disturbing. I've never had a dream like that where I wasn't in it in some way.

That might make a good movie. Or a sad one, whichever way you look at it.
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