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Default Re: re: White Stripes

Originally posted by Blair's My Cherry Pie
Bands without bassists are lame. Except for maybe the Doors, who had Ray Manzarek use bass pedals on his keyboards. Why are they called the White Stripes anyway?? Is it because they're like a painted crosswalk YOU CAN DRIVE OVER AT 55 MPH?????!!!!!!
LOL. Their name sucks. Because their names are Jack and Meg white. And they decided to be the white stripes. I like Basses. i like bass solos. i like KoRn because they appreciate the 5-string bass. So does Good Charlotte. Rock on 5 sting bass players. And 7 string guitar players! Like the two guitarists from KoRn. Lol. ROCK ON GOOD MUSICIANS!. whooooo. and randy rhoads. even tho he played a 6 string... he prolly could play a 7 string pretty well, if he had tried.
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