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Originally Posted by everprincess
I think maybe she knew too much. I can only imagine what he was doing on his books. If he is taking out life insurance out on employees, not paying them..etc...what else is he doing? I'm willing to bet something illegal big time and she probably knew it. She probably told him at dinner that you better pay me or I'm going to blow the whistle. Who else is going to shoot her and leave that jewerly behind? Just a thrill killer who happens to kill her? Nah..he is guilty as sin and he looks like a total guilty person on UM. I hope some bad karma finds this man if the LE isn't going to put him behind bars.
This is what I think happened. I think the dinner conversation wasn't as pleasant and mutual as Samir had said. I think she quit, and possibly demanded that she be paid or she was going to file a lawsuit against him and that freaked him out. It's also obvious she was killed for the life insurance policy. I'm sure he had planned on taking it until her children pointed the finger at him, then he came up with the charity BS.

But it makes me wonder if he came with the gun with the intent to kill her from the beginning? Or did he just have a gun in his car and used it after they got into a dispute at dinner?
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