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I enjoy Here's Lucy, some episodes are duds but overall it's a fun series, I have the complete series DVD's.

Same goes for The Lucy Show, not every episode is great but overall it's a fun series. I have the complete series DVD's. Seasons 1-3 overall are a little better than seasons 4-6, although in season 6 the quality picks up again and there are several good episodes.

I've never been a big fan of I Love Lucy although some episodes are good. I don't have the DVD's but will watch an occasional episode on TV if a good episode is on.

Lucy had better acting chemistry with Gale Gordon than she had with Desi. Lucy and Gale are funny together and they play well off of each other. Lucy and Desi were a married couple in real life and maybe that had an effect on their acting chemistry.

I have the movie The Long Long Trailer and it's a good movie, Lucy and Desi do perform well together in this one and they both seemed to enjoy making this movie.
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