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I Love Lucy was her prime years and the show was perfect television for it's time.

Afterwards, The Lucy Show was simply a way to milk some more cash for the station and allowed Lucy to do wheat she does best....perform, but it was obvious, it was more of a labor of love and admiration from the actors and for the audience than it was a prime actress in a prime show.

After it ended, Lucy decided to give it one more try, but her style of humor was fading out and so was her abilities. No one dared tell her she appeared a bit too old to be performing those old tricks, because everyone simply LOVED Lucy. It was always special to see her doing what she loved the most...performing, but we all knew it was past her prime and so was her show.

She gave it one last chance in another show LIFE WITH LUCY 9in 1986) that also starred Gale Gordon. Sad to say, as much as we all love seeing Lucy perform, there was no hiding it, she was not only too old to be doing this type of humor, but she was way beyond her prime and it showed. This show didn't even survive past season 1 before being canceled.

She will always be the QUEEN OF COMEDY with as many shows as she had and the success she had over the years. And we will ALWAYS LOVE LUCY, and thankfully we have a HUGE collection of shows to rewatch over and over again to remind us WHY we loved her so much!

Her only fault was not knowing when to stop before it got stale.
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