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Originally Posted by Duster76 View Post
Here's Lucy was on Cozi TV for awhile, I caught a couple of episodes, I was stunned at how dated the show was, it seemed more like a show from the 1950's than the 70's. Lucy's audience had grown older since ILL, I always wondered why Lucy seemingly refused to realize that. Decades had a Lucy Show marathon a few months back (when we all still had Decades), seeing the early episodes I was impressed by how strong they were, and still are. Lucy hit a creative wall about midway through that series and that was that, she seemed satisfied with just running the same material out year in and year out until even her most loyal audience members must have become bored.
I think the "wall" for The Lucy Show came when the show's setting moved to S. Cal. I liked the show when Viv was a regular on it and they had kids (though an occasional stinker popped up in those seasons), but when Lucy had no family, the "star of the week", and Mr. Mooney screaming at her weekly, the show got to be pretty hard to watch for me.
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