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Originally Posted by RWCTV
Some short lived shows, I would love to see at least once, or more of are.....

Checking In (the short lived spinoff of The Jeffersons)--never seen
Forever Fernwood (sequel to Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman)--Saw 1 episode
Grady (spinoff of Sanford and Son)-- Saw 1 episode

There are so many short lived shows out there that didn't make it, but were actually pretty good. It is very rare that a short lived show (that has significantly less than 100 episodes) ever passes the airwaves again. Some exceptions are That's my Mama and Phyllis.
I used to watch Forever Fernwood during it's original run, it was a good show I liked it. The fact that Louise Lasser was no longer part of the cast didn't hurt the show at all, the other actors were still there and the writing remained good. However, I did not like the talk show spoof Fernwood2Night which later became America2Night, to me the show wasn't funny and Martin Mull and Fred Willard were annoying as hell. I think I saw 2 or 3 episodes and then stopped watching it.
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