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Default agreement

She has agreed to send me her end, as you have agreed to send me yours.

What it comes down to is this

1-she obviously made mistakes in your trade., a clear enough asnwer wasn't being given to you- and she wanted items from you that you weren't sending till you got hers, and she felt/feels you wont send her those- so by me recieving both, eliminates any trust.
Especially since this is known publically.

2-Your right Lamont, I don't think trades should trades with you should have been started when she had outstanding items. I agree.
And while this is an outstanding issue, I don't think she should have traded another. Let alone selling.
I agree, and have told her- My standing is take care of all obligations, before getting more.
but then again, its easy to get into debt, when you already are -

It is her choice to do so, and your choice or mine or others to share that opinion.
I was told by her yesterday that a package was sent out to spooky, Chris, and another.
So I am hoping (fingers crossed) you are last, on the owing too list- other than her now, current trades.

3-A history of being removed, or suspended at other boards does matter, and does show a history of problems- which is why I am so involved in this-

She has been trading a long time, which is why SOME of this shouldn't be an issue.
But then again, that is why some of this IS an issue.
People gave more leway, and some trades were set up based on trust, not performance.

It is a shining example of how as time goes by, our expectations drop, and trust replaces quality.

But I think that has been made abundantly clear to her, and drilled in- and I would hope with such awareness this is a reality check for her her- through reputation, and repetition.

But ever the same, she is willing to work with me/you on this- and that does say something.
So I am willing to give her the opportunity to fix this through me at my time and effort- in the hopes that because this became such a big deal she will utilize the feedback to be a better trader next time.
Or, I'll be honest, that should this happen again, she won't be trading here at all.

Either way, change will be forced. But I am willing to give it the beenfit of doubt.
It's always a shame when a trade gets this frustrating.

And at the same time, I bet there are a lot of people who read this, who are learning or nodding their heads. SO maybe this will be beneficial vicariously

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