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I have alot of TV shows on DVD and I must say that this set has the sharpest, clearest picture of any tv show mastered to dvd that I have ever seen. On many other sets you can see dirt and debris on the film, not on these. Someone kept these master prints in pristine condition and I am ever thankful. So far, I have watched 6 episodes, and I agree that some I would not have chosen, but we all have our favorites and fortunately mine is on this set (Lucy The Fixer). Anyway, the extras are great, I got a trip out of the "blooper reels" as they have some footage from later years of "The Lucy Show" as well.
"Here's Lucy" was an excellent show that I had not seen since 1987 (excepting two far below average episodes that N@N showed in February 1996) and it certainly brings back memories. I sure hope they will relase this season by season, and do it quickly. As slow as they release "I Love Lucy" I will be dead by the time "Here's Lucy" comes out. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy to have any of this show on DVD, I never thought it would happen since this series of hers seems to be ignored for the most part.

Bring back my B&W TV Shows !!
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