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Originally Posted by um
I think I remember that ep.
My best recollection is that it was one of the earliest episodes of The Waltons and the youngest cast members were pre-teens. I never watched The Waltons much and never knew each character much but I know it was a large family and there were two youngest kids, a boy and girl and the girl was the ultimate youngest, and as all the brothers and sisters were sitting in a circle talking about what they want for Christmas one of the older girls, I think she was supposed to be in her later teen years, said in a cynical tone that there is no Santa so why is everyone talking about something so silly? And one of the older brothers sitting next to her in the circle who seemingly was also in his later teens but older than the cynical girl, just slapped her on the butt for talking that way in front of the younger kids, and told her not to spoil Christmas for everyone else.

However, what I best recall is that it was John Boy who did it.

You could be referring to a different episode
That scene you describe is from the original The Waltons movie from 1971: The Homecoming: A Christmas Story. And you're right, it was Mary Ellen being smacked on the butt by John Boy, though Mary Ellen was about 13, and John Boy about 15 or 16.
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