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Yes it is an irony. Not to take the discussion so far from its original topic, but back in the 70s there was a trend to get away from the violence and sexism and racism of the older TV shows and cartoons. After all, TV shows of 1960s such as Popeye depicted people getting run over by cars, falling from high places, or being caught between huge mechanical wheels and it was supposed to be funny, not to mention that there were depictions of dark-skinned people as having large lips and Jewish people as having long beards and long black coats who always try to sell you something worthless, etc.
The Little Rascals, Bugs Bunny, and other children's shows had such scenes in them too. Batman relied on a lot of violent fighting scenes.

The TV kids shows of the mid 70s such as Isis, and Captain Marvel had characters who saved people from dangerous situations and rarely if ever fought anyone. They just stopped guilty people from getting away from police.
But back then I heard comments of older people who say that in their day, the 1940s and 1950s, cartoons were "not violent" while more modern children's programming is, and also that TV is getting too sexually oriented.
There was an odd reasoning there but at the same time, TV in the 70s was getting more daring in its own way. All In The Family was a "ground breaking" TV show.

Nevertheless look at TV shows of the pre-1970s and yes there is a lot of violence. Back then it would have been considered just action scenes.

As far as violence toward women by way of spankings. It was common to depict it since un-likable women were presented as needing a spanking and it was "not as extreme" as getting punched like a man. Also it had to do with women being thought of like children to be put into their own place.
Of course spanking of children and teens was fairly common too.
Somehow it was depicted a lot in cowboy or Western TV shows and movies.
See both links below.
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