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Also it has occurred to me regarding The Brady Bunch (RIP Florence Henderson)
that Mike and Carol Brady never spanked their kids, definitely NOT Carol Brady.

Mike Brady was a modern day dad who talked to his kids , like Bill Bixby's character never spanked his son Eddie, except once.
There was an episode in which Cindy was turning into a chronic tattletale and told Mike Brady that Bobby had used Mom's lipstick to color his skateboard and Mike Brady just gently gave Bobby some slaps on the head. In another episode Bobby played a trick on Cindy and Mike Brady made Bobby apologize to her and then as Bobby turned to walk away after apologizing, Mike just gently pats Bobby's butt as "punishment." It is just like when Uncle Bill punished Jody because Jody wanted Uncle bill to show that he loves him
by spanking him, but Uncle Bill just gave Jody a gentle pat on the behind.

It seemed mainly unrealistic to me that a lot of child characters had such patient gentle parents.
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