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Also it might have already been mentioned but on Diffren't Strokes Willis once spanked Arnold.

There could be more to this discussion:
A majority of characters who got spanked were kids who got spanked by someone other than their mom or dad, such as a baby sitter , a teacher, a friend or coworker of the child's parent.
A spanking from an older sibling is unusual. I think it only happened on Diff'rent Strokes.

Regarding children and teens:
How many characters got a spanking from one of his or her parents?
What character got a spanking from a teacher?
What character got a spanking from a baby sitter?
What character got a spanking from a relative? (Of course I mentioned one already in this sole post).

Adults getting spankings:
Under what circumstances? Is it some kind of sexual foreplay, or usually? Why else would an adult spank another adult? Of course Desi spanking Lucy was iconic but it had a different meaning back then.

Do more men do the spanking and more women receive the spanking or vice versa?

Have there been a lot of scenes of grown men spanking other grown men and grown women spanking other grown women? (From some of the posts in this thread, the answer is yes to that last one), but also, under what circumstances?
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