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Wow! Reading these posts makes me feel like I am in police school, with all the soon-to-be cops weighing out the scenarios! Everyone here is so clever, I love it!!!!!!!

It's been a WHILE since I have seen this segment, but I do believe it was one of the first ever segments I saw when I was about 9 or 10. I'll give my thoughts, but I haven't seen the segment in at least three years, so I may not have all the details straight!

Okay, the issue of the mom not hearing the knock at the door. Well, let's face it kids, she just got home from the bar. She was probably pretty drunk, probably came home and had a few more drinks, and passed out. Sadly, children who have parents who are drug or alcohol abusers often take on adult roles, like doing laundry, preparing meals, etc. So it might have been quite normal for the child to answer the door at any time, including the middle of the night, not realizing the potential danger. However, my belief is that there is more going on with this than we know.

Next, the sister's sudden epiphany. As children, we all want to please. We want to give the right answer, we want to do good, and we are easily influenced to do so. In my opinion, the sister's memory could be fabricated or pushed upon her, or maybe she actually believes something that never in fact happened. Let's not forget the case of Clarence Elkins, who went to jail for raping his niece and killing her grandmother, all because the child said "It was uncle Clarence" and he was innocent but spent years in jail. When you are 6 years old, how many adults are you exposed to? You might only have one family member or family friend who is a blone guy, for example, so if a blond guy attacks you, you think it's him because they look alike, he's the only blond man you've ever seen! Or maybe you are thinking "the person reminds me of" but you are a child (children sometimes can't articulate this sort of thing). My point it, it's easy for children to get confused (like someone earlier mentioned about the goldfish pond in their own childhood).

Next, the sighting. I don't believe it. I believe it was probably some kid getting kicks by pissing off the waitress. I don't think the sighting was credible (imo).

I'm really not sure what to believe, but as some of you have pointed out, why were the FBI wanting to talk to mama on her deathbed?? Something is UP with that!
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