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Default The Post-Richie Era is GREAT!

Hey There!

I have to say, and I've always said it, that the powers that be really put in a great effort to keep this show going after the departure of a major character, and took care of its fans.

I've been watching some of the eps currently running on Hallmark, and while yes, Fonzie did get a little fat, and Potsie was given a lobotomy, but the episodes really aren't that bad, and contained a lot of payoffs for the longtime fans.

Here's a selected list ... please feel free to add to it!

1) Jenny Piccolo came to life! Cathy Silvers nailed it. Someone posted that the writers should have had her and Joanie move in together - that would have been great!

2) We saw Rosa Coletti!

3) Grandma Nussbaum!

4) The Falcons reunion! They got the same bad guy back!

5) They took Fonzie in different directions, and it was mostly good. While making him a restauranteur, teacher, and garage owner was a little far-fetched, it also was a move away from "Super Fonzie," and made him a good role model for little guys like me (at the time). The Ashley thing wasn't that great, though. Too much screen time taken away from the veteran characters!

6) There were some heartwarming stories ...

7) Chachi came into his own ...

What else?
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