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Originally Posted by LittleRickyII
The idea that the people in this town were all still dressing as if it were 1874 was silly.
True! But I thought their costumes were part of the week-long celebration of the town's anniversary?

Originally Posted by Benno123
Times were changing, topics in sitcoms were changing, and yet the Lucy character was not allowed to change with those times.
I agree, to a point. Consider the second season ep, "Lucy and Carol Burnett aka Secretary Beautiful." Carol walks in on Harry as he's demonstrating an effeminate walk for Lucille. Harry attempts to recover his embarrassment but Carol pats Harry on the arm and says "Sure kid, we've all got problems. The important thing is, be happy."
Then later during her presentation at the pageant, Lucille stumbles through something like, "Isabella was the queen, I'm not sure about Ferdinand."

Wow! TWO non-offensive gay jokes on a top 10 sitcom in 1969? While a few short years later, when we entered the era of "topical" and "relevant" sitcoms, Archie Bunker introduced words like "f a g" and "queer" into the TV lexicon. "All in the Family," "Maude," et al, were loud, brittle, and nasty.

Fast forward to 2013 and compare those programs to "Here's Lucy." Which of them has stood the test of time? Just my humble opinion.
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