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Originally Posted by Benno123
As I've watched Here's Lucy now, seeing the series, I find myself enjoying it but I keep thinking that the show really seems to just be product.
I like the way you put that. I was watching "Lucy, the Sheriff" today and thinking how weary a production that episode seemed. It was kind of a pointless plot, with no other purpose than to set up a few uninspired and unmemorable "Lucy" bits. The idea that the people in this town were all still dressing as if it were 1874 was silly. But none of that seemed to matter: everyone was just going through the motions, not trying to step outside of the box and be creative.

Originally Posted by Benno123
Times were changing, topics in sitcoms were changing, and yet the Lucy character was not allowed to change with those times. I'm not saying she should have been like Maude, but very little character growth happened. Interesting how when it did (Kim moves out, Lucy breaks her leg) the results are for the most part successful.
No argument here, except that I'm not too fond of some of the broken leg episodes, or "Kim Moves Out." But usually when the show had a rare moment of focusing on the personal relationships of the characters (e.g., "Where's My Wandering Mother Tonight?" "Mary Jane's Boyfriend," "Lucy Is N.G. as an R.N."), it shined.
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