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Originally Posted by jehobden
Does the person that you quote have a full list of Here's Lucy production dates? I would love to see it if so.
I don't know if he does, but there's a decent chance he does, or at least does for some of the seasons. I'd love to see them, too. I never thought to ask but one day I will. He probably doesn't have them in electronic form, though.

Originally Posted by jehobden
I was very surprised, for instance, that the Season 3 opener with Dick & Liz Burton was the last episode filmed that season, so Season 3 production must have run from maybe March to August 1970, but all of Lucy's other sitcom seasons, to my knowledge, had production run at least into January, and usually a month or two later.
Yeah, that surprised me too about the Burtons episode. And I remember reading that Lucille Ball's skiing accident happened in January 1972, which means all those fourth season episodes were completed in 1971. I think the Mame schedule -- production and post-production promotion -- forced a later-than-usual start on the sixth season of Here's Lucy -- she was filming that movie at a time when normally she'd be doing her show -- so it wound up having production pushed into 1974.
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