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Originally Posted by lucyandethel
Not sure if it was intended that this would be the last broadcasted episode of the series. The final episode filmed was "Meanwhile, Back At The Office".
In spite of a comment on the DVD and from other sources, it is highly speculated that it is no more than a rumor or misinformation that "Meanwhile, Back At The Office" was the last episode filmed. Like HeresJames noted, Lucie Arnaz's hair is very short in "Lucy Fights the System," then long in "Meanwhile, Back at the Office." It's unlikely her hair could have grown back that fast. And when the show aired in syndication years ago, the episodes appeared in order of production date, and "Lucy Fights the System" was always the last episode shown. Also, someone I would consider an authority has stated that "Lucy Fights the System" was filmed January 24, 1974, and was "definitely" the last episode filmed. "Where's My Wandering Mother Tonight?" was filmed the week before, on January 17, 1974. And "Lucy and Phil Harris Strike up the Band" was filmed the week before that, on January 10, 1974. "Meanwhile, Back at the Office" was filmed sometime in 1973.
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