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Originally Posted by lucyandethel
Not sure if it was intended that this would be the last broadcasted episode of the series. The final episode filmed was "Meanwhile, Back At The Office".
I wonder about director Coby Ruskin. In "The Lucy Book," the author states that Lucille fires Ruskin during rehearsals for "Lucy the Sheriff" and takes over the direction, then hires Jack Donahue to "finish the season for her" (with only a "handful of episodes" to be filmed).
Yet Lucie Arnaz states that "Meanwhile, Back at the Office" was "the last show we shot," and Coby Ruskin is credited as the director of that episode.
Also, notice how long Lucie's hair is in "Meanwhile," vs. how short Lucie's hair is in "Where is my Wandering Mother Tonight?" I think her memory is playing tricks.
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