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Originally Posted by MonarC
Top Model's Kortnie Coles Lashes Out (Meow!)

Kortnie Coles, the latest contestant from America's Next Top Model to be sent packing, isn't leaving the show without trying to take the show's biggest bitch down with her.

In a not-so-graceful move, the ousted model sounds off on Sandra Nyanchoka. "She is the villain," Kortnie tells us. "Let's not beat around the bush here. She's the main antagonist on the show for sure, which creates a fun environment of diversity. In her defense, she got chosen because she has an interesting face. But once she was there to perform, she didn't deliver."

Meow! Kortnie doesn't stop there. Read on to see what other not-so-kind words she has for Sandra...

"Even from the first runway show, what model in their right mind walks halfway down the runway, especially a model who has some experience?" she continues about Sandra, who has been in the bottom two for two weeks, but who somehow makes it through. "I think all of us were shocked that they saw some sort of odd potential, something we didn't see. Also, they don't get to live in the house with us and see what we see. But I'm sure if they saw her ugly attitude, she would've been booted right away. The judges only see what they see at panel, so that's all they know."

OK, Kortnie, but what do you really think?

"When people recognize the girls on the street, the first question is always, 'Is Sandra that big of a bitch?' And we're like, 'Yes!' There's no editing to that; if anything they could've shown more. It's like, 'Wow look at her go, she's so mean.' "

And go Sandra does. Even though the model keeps getting the same bad critique (the "deer caught in headlights" comment), she takes a licking and keeps on ticking. "She doesn't know what's going on around her," adds Kortnie. "Nobody wants to hire a zombie."

Any last words? "I think Allison [Harvard] has a nice match of personality and looks, which is what it takes to win," Kortnie says of her pick to take the top honors. "You can't be a spokesmodel for CoverGirl having an attitude like Sandra...Let's hope not anyway!"

Sandra is such a fake bitch. It just seems like she is doing that for the cameras. And why the hell did they give her blonde hair? They must hate Sandra. I also don't like Allison's hair, it looks sooo much like an old, used-up wig. It just doesn't look good. imo.

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I want your love
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you and me could write
a bad romance
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