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Originally Posted by lilhave
132 eps of our Miss Brooks
132 eps of My Little Margie
32 eps of I married Joan
40 eps of Your Hit Parade
22 eps of Target the Corrupters
132 eps of Rin Tin Tin
92 Eps of State Trooper
Entire first season of Hopalong Cassidy
28 eps of Richard Boone Theater
20 eps of Mr. Novak

If these are standard, at least I know I have junk

harvey, you figthing for no reason

i passed on most of that stuff over a year ago

if you like the stuff, great

get it all

ill stick to things that are movers and shakers

im not from north carolina and want everything that comes along

i have cut 1200 disc from my list in the last year, and will continue to cut more

dont go big time on me

i shipped more discs TODAY than you do in a year

how about just leaving me alone and droll over savage, or something like that
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