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You are right Savage, NEVER EVER EVER again would I trade with Collinwood2003--- Nice person or not

she is a Compulsive Liar ---- she told me the stuff was sent weeks ago, then last night she tells me she will ONLY SEND IT if i send her what she needs

she has been doing this for SEVERAL YEARS and has been suspended on CPS and other trading sites for the VERY SAME THING--- this is NOT a 1 time thing, THIS IS JUST THE KIND OF TRADER THAT SHE IS--- and by that I mean a BAD trader (and NO, Not BADDDDDD as in "Damn Rollo, that leather vest is BADDDDD ) i mean BAD as in, Angie is a BAD trader so avoid her like the plague

SO THAT EVERYONE KNOW, just this week, she set up with another trader a 50+ disc trade==== u see, shes too busy or too behind to make right by all the people that she owes-- me, loren, joker, spooky and the others who emailed me privately but wont post---- BUT shes not too busy to sell stuff I SENT TO HER on ioffer! shes not too busy to set up NEW trades, shes not too busy to reply to emails from people that she DOESN'T OWE!

ALL I WANTED WAS HER TO JUST BE HONEST WITH ME---- if she had said to me "lamont, im sorry i cannot get u the stuff" --- i would have STILL sent her what she needs-- AND I TOLD HER THAT!!!! but i guess the TRUTH is realllll hard for some people

and YES, this might be a dead horse, but the way I see it, its been read almost 800 times as of this morning, so that is a WHOLE LOT LESS People that will get stuck in nightmare--4 month long--- never get the stuff u r owed deals with Miss Angie.

Savageamusement has contacted me and said that Collinwood2003 has agreed to send what she owes me to the moderator and I will do the same----NOT HARD FOR ME since I actually HAVE the stuff she needs! So, I will do so---- Do i Think there is ANY CHANCE IN HELL that angie will send it???? I would have to say NO---- No Way Jose. If she had it, she would have sent to me BEFORE this thread got started, and before everyone knew the THREE CARD MONTY trading game she is playing!

BUTTTTTTTTTT, to make it official, I will send my stuff to savage--- and IF by some miraculous act of God, angie does send it--- then finally this trade from hell will be over. If not, then I supposed Savage can make the decisions on how to proceed.

Regardless, a Bad Trader Post will be coming regarding this mess, so check the FEEDBACK Section later this weekend.

I have not been trading for some time now, so please do not ask---- sorry, i cannot help you!
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