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Default Truth

the TRUTH ( i know that is a word that Collinwood2003 is NOT familiar with at all) but the TRUTH is that she owes me this EXACTLY

1. JUST SHOOT ME, about 6 or 8 missing discs--- This set came to me "Complete" over 2 months ago--- I told her THE SAME DAY IT CAME--- ( i can forward her emails stating this if needed) that the set had only 90some episodes--- out of about 140 or so--- she has had over 2 months to get me the missing discs--- BUT apparently she got them from Spooky in the UK and hes been waiting LONGER THAN ME for stuff from her--- so i fully understand why he does NOT want to send her the missing discs---- so she owes me those ( i can forward her emails stating this if needed)

2. she owes me several discs of GROWING PAINS-- she said she sent me 11 of them a few weeks ago---- she sent 9, so she owes me all of the 1st season and there are still 2 missing discs, that she owes me, so thats, what? 4 total ( i can forward her emails stating this if needed) she said she was sending those 2 mondays ago and never did

3. she owes me 3 missing growing pains eps that she has on VHS tapes, and she "supposedly" transfered them to DVD-R last friday ( i can forward her emails stating this if needed) she said she was sending those on monday and never did

That is all that she owes me, and the deal we had in place (set up like 3+ months ago now) was that she would send me the JUST SHOOT ME and GROWING PAINS sets and then i would send her the set she wanted + 3 Heres Lucy discs, + 3 redos she needed + 2 redos she needed that she never got from me, but i was gonna toss in to her for free

I WILL GLADLY send them to Savageamusement and allow you to hold them until its resolved (BUTTTT that might be years), however, i do not think you should have to pay the extra postage for HER mess, i think its fair that she pick up the tab

ALSO, i Have emailed collinwood2003 and i have told her that if she CANNOT fulfill the trade to JUST BE HONEST and tell me, its not the end of the world, and i would much rather have her tell me I SCREWED UP AND CANNOT GET THE STUFF and be honest, then have her keep me and dragging it on for eternity

i have asked her to tell me HONESTLY what she CAN and CANNOT send to me--- if she cant send something BE HONEST AND TELL ME and we can STILL work it out so that she gets what she needs (because im sure someone else reading this is owed it by her)
all she has to do is start being HONEST and i will gladly work it out so that both she and i get what we need

Tonight I got several emails from her

FIRST ONE tells me that

You don't have to give me such a hard time after all the favors I've done for you.
well, im not giving her a hard time at all-- i tried EVERYTHING I COULD for months to resolve this, and ONLY after I learned that MANY OTHERS were getting the runaround to did i even make it public, and I STILL havent posted a BAD TRADER report or anything, just trying to get this resolved

SECOND tells me

I will only send the growing pains if you send the replacements. and also that

I don't have to fix things if I don't want to do this anymore but I am.

which i think is a ROTTEN Attitude to have, I have told her OVER AND OVER that OF COURSE- i will still send her my 1/2 of the deal, i will send it all to her--- im not gonna stiff her, and to say she DOESNT HAVE TO FIX THINGS????? that is just thumbing her nose at me, and telling me that she doesnt care at all if she does right by me at all--- she will ONLY send them to me b/c she needs stuff from me---

HOW ABOUT, Lamont- i will send the stuff asap, because ITS THE RIGHT THING TO DO! and because you have been telling me over and over and over again, that you were sending the stuff for months and havent??? i mean that kind of crappy attitude is EXACTLY WHY SHE IS IN THE MESS SHE IS IN NOW!! because she apparently doesnt care

I have not been trading for some time now, so please do not ask---- sorry, i cannot help you!
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