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Oh No UN FREAKING BELIEVABLE!!!! (lamont pulling his afro out!)

Sometimes I feel like People CANT POSSIBLY be the way them seem online--- because it just CANT, CANT, CANT be.....

i get and email this afternoon

i open it up
EXPECTING that she is actually going to reply to my questions or tell me what is going on

and all it says is

ok I did say I was going to sleep early last night. I will fix everything

so ONCE AGAIN (is anyone else that has read this confused or UNCLEAR on the situation besides collinwood????)

please, please, please I beg of you

answer the questions to me about what is up

simply saying you will FIX EVERYTHING is not, i repeat NOT an answer
just a delay, put off, or brush off

after all these months, i am sure that is more than fair?

i have sent the questions in PMs, emails and posted here, i have fwd'd them to moderators who have ALSO asked the questions, loren--spooky-joker have asked questions too

the way to "FIX IT" is.......................

lets try to play Karnac here and guess

ANSWERS???? the first reply to questions is answers

not just ILL FIX IT

i mean YES i do want you to fix it, BUT id like to know more than just that please-- u know like who? what? where? why? when? and how?

Holy Moly, after all these years of trading, I am 100% sure that she knows EXACTLY what is going on, and EXACTLY what everyone wants to know
so please just fill me in

it aint that hard--- either u sent them like u said, or u didnt
either u transfered the 3 vhs episodes to dvd like u said and mailed them, or u didnt
either u have the missing discs or have them on the way like u said, or u dont

its not some big mystery, we do not need to call in Perry Mason to figure this out do we?


I know im just a poor uneducated Junk man, BUT
i do think im being as clear as a a glass of cold ripple!

***************** UPDATE----
35 minutes later she emails me back AFTER I ASK HER AGAIN TO ANSWER MY QUESTIONS and she tells me " I WILL ANSWER YOUR QUESTION AT 8 PM TONIGHT, i do not have TIME now"

it never ends, she emailed me 35 minutes ago, then 35 minutes later, she does again--- YET in those 35 minutes she couldnt tell me YES i sent what i owe u, like i said i did??? or NO i didnt send u a dang then at all, even though i said i did???? come on, GET REAL AND STOP LYING TO ME--- i guess it takes longer to type whether or not you sent the stuff then to type that she is too busy to email???????

what has really irked me here is the CONSTANT LYING, just be honest for once
******************* update will be forthcoming after her LONG AWAITED 8 PM answers to the whole mess


I have not been trading for some time now, so please do not ask---- sorry, i cannot help you!
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