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As much as I hate to add any fuel here- I also have not heard from her-

I emailed directly, to see if there was anything that I could do.
So I emailed point blank, as I have received complaints.
Some are here, some are from users who have not yet posted, or felt posting was unneeded. Each has their own peragative-
However, as this is public I would like to state 2 things.

1-Sometimes there is pressure, once something comes to the public forum. Sometimes people are afraid to say anything, they are worried of being judged- and they are worried of being attacked.

I would hope this isn't the case here- as many have said- Angie HAS come through many times before.
she has had some great trades- and although there are complaints here- there is NOTHING here that isn't fixable
There is nothing here, that isn't work throughable.

It can be overwhelming to have so much criticism at once, and the fact is- no one but Angie, knows what personal emails she is getting.
So if a few complained here, there is the chance a few people confronted her privately as well.

Although this post was made, and it can be overwhelming-
I am also going to disclose, NOTHING here hadn't been mentioned previously.
And nothing said, hadn't been said, asked, requested and stated privately- many times before this came to the forum.
So ample time, and offers were made.

I say this, becuase Lamont just made the comment about fear of being viewed a bully for not sending particular items.
And I myself, discussed the situation with both before this, anda ny items not being sent are not for therat sake, but simply becuase obligations weren't meant.

The simple fact is this- we ALL get overwhelmed.
We ALL get eager, over eager, sometimes greedy.
I am sure many of us has counted on a trade, and been a little presumptious we were getting it- counted on it and maybe traded it before checking it.
And i KNOW many of us in larger trades have lacked the responsibility of checking each disc- and fouble checking quality or episode counts.
Its going to be a low percentage of users that know EVERYTHING they have, and know it burns, works without doubt.

In this case, I feel the best thing to do, is start with the basics Angie-
Which is take a deep breath and start from scratch so to speak
Make a list

What do I owe to who
What replacments am I getting
How can I resolve this?

No user here is cursing you out saying ban her-
The only thing I have heard is frustration and that you might* be a canidate for the bad trader list- which is still redemable.
But I can't impress this upon you enough, communication is going to be the best tool here.

I think some people are waiting for things still, and quite honestly sick of waiting.
And when they collectively compare notes-

Its very frsutration to hear that you have started, and completed other trades, WHILE they were still waiting.
2-Hearing some trades did get completed and resolved, makes one wonder why they aren't on that list-and that can build resentment

3-when a direct question or complaint, or confrontation is made- and wether private or public nothing is stated as to a direct asnwer to help resolve things-
That more than ANYTHING else makes you sound like a bad trader.

So if you can, make a list-
Contact people with your intentions and an offer of what you can send- and one by one you will find the frustration fade- as well as your tarnished reputation.

Just my opinion.

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